How Mobile Operators can achieve more sales

How Mobile Operators can achieve more sales 

If like me you have been working in Telcos for many years (20+) in either Sales, Marketing, CX, CVM, you will know that customer segmentation using an advanced analytical platform that measures and aggregates customer usage is just one method for discovering the best package for the customer. Once you have this information then you need to prepare the correct customer product/service proposition in order to upsell, cross sell, migrate or indeed to simply retain the customer based on those metrics.

CBM/CVM Sales Campaign Planning

Once thats done, then the campaign planning begins where the target customers are profiled into neat clusters with the right offer and provided to the correct sales channel, team and person for each segment/customer, which should obviously use some metric for socio economic, propensity to buy etc  

Campaign Management

Then the campaign based, 'one-off' commissions, sales incentives, customer incentives and are carefully developed to manage, monitor and measure each campaign effectiveness.  Which is then inserted into a management dashboard and presented each week.

Communication Planning - oh dear!

The problem starts when you have weekly campaigns to run and your active customer base is many millions.  (some operators have 10 million+ customers) That is a huge amount of data prep work, let alone retaining each and every customer 'event'.  How do you address that many people, so frequently when the digital channels have unwittingly become serious 'bottlenecks' in the communications age.  

What is the choice for the mass market approach, because eMails are Spam and as for SMS, this is viewed as the ‘disaster’ channel, yielding a return of 0.8% at best. And it is not financially or indeed physically possible for call centre operatives to manage sales campaigns on such a high number on a weekly basis. 

So what is the solution?

There are a few solutions out there for MNO's.  Both SIM and Network based, that are producing tremendous results to drive sales campaigns to new heights, with the added bonus of achieving great customer satisfaction.  

We are looking at a minimum of double the usual SMS response rate and in extreme cases up to x12 the SMS response rate. In addition, it is leveraging multiple layers of Value Added Services, opening numerous incremental revenue streams.

It is a classic Win-Win.

The software solution is 'hot stuff' amongst those in the know, but alas not many people 'know' - as with most people in the telco business, they seem to lack justification to innovate, regardless of the above numbers.

If you want to know more just ping me for details..