Following the right communication path will always yield the best benefits.


Once the personality is established, tactical communications across each of the key stages can truly begin.

brand communications process

Each stage comprises different communication methods, tactics and actions, each designed to impart the stage into the audience and ensure readiness to advance throughout the levels, until the objective reached. The concept is to control the engagement process across a set timeframe, culminating in securing the hearts and minds of your target customers.

Communication Planning

Each step = a communication process designed to take the customer, quite naturally through the elemental stages.  The initial targeting stages focuses on striking relationships with like minded people and organisations that can relate to your personality, then forging an emotional attachment that develops into friendship and community.  

The evolved communication process moves into mindshare to build trust, creating a sense of real belonging, to become part of a larger family. The final stages and indeed the grand objective is to nurture all customers to become Apostles and Brand Evangelists to further spread your brand ideals, the gospel, in an extremely positive manner.

The end goal of course, is to try and attain the unconditional love that a person will have for a brand.