Some say communication is rocket science - it is not, its something else.


Business Intelligence, Market Mapping, Analytics 

Does the deep intelligence work, sifts through all the available data and maps out the entire market, determining the best places to fish, in order to catch the best quantity and quality of Fish. This is done to build the data model for market and customer segmentation.

Segmentation, Clustering & Profiling

Segments the market and customer base by size and type, based on needs, requirements and value. Helping to allocate cluster and profile certain Fish (customer) types, where they live and how they behave, in order to build propositions that they will be responsive to in a positive fashion.

Proposition & Base Management

Prepares the product, price and service proposition (the bait) to ensure the best catch rate for each and every segment and cluster of Fish type for acquisition of new customers and up selling, cross selling and retention of current.


Creates the strategy on ‘how to’ fish for them. Designs and creates the optimum communication piece that resonates with the Fish, by articulating and presenting the bait in such a way that the Fish simply cannot resist the proposition and always bite.


Is the Angler, whose job is to best utilise all the available support tools to help catch all the Fish and bring them into the Keepnet (pipeline), for stage managed conversion.


Reviews, understands and interprets what’s really working, in order to fine tune all the processes, providing all the best modifications required to increase the catch rate for the next campaign.


We make the entire process easier to manage for all involved.

Processes can be as difficult or as easy as you want them to be.  The objective should be to provide a natural and enjoyable way of working.

It is vital for regular communication between all functions that have a direct and indirect involvement to ensure alignment and consensus amongst teams.  

The plan is to create a seamless workflow across all functions and allow transparency across each deliverable component, empowering teamwork and camaraderie.

Communication process designed for people to easily manage

Processes should be flexible with each member tasked with fine tuning and tweaking their respective parts, to further increase productivity and in turn improve overall business performance.  

With the correct management, a refined communications process can add immense value to the entire organisation across brand, positioning, sales and ultimately revenues.

All great artists, geniuses, creators, inventors, innovators have a process for creating, producing and delivering upon their inspiration.   

Our process is proven to deliver and used by many successful global organisations.  We would be happy to share further details with you.