One should endeavour to use the power of communication to get what you want.

communications as a habit

Communication for Business - Habits of successful organisations.

Customer privacy - is now in light of various incidents surrounding data across the EU and globally, a serious financial issue. ( GDPR)

Customer accountability - the person that takes the call to 'fix or provide' something for the customer is ultimately accountable. 

Customer experience - the ultimate goal for a customer is not the product or service itself - but the experience of it..

Customer management - who owns the customer, the answer is everybody in the business, for their respective element.

Customer retention - one has to adapt to customer demands and respond to issues in real time, before retention becomes an issue. There are pre-defined communication processes to insure against this, we hold industry benchmarks.


Customer listening - listening to the customer is a basic requirement for all depts that interface with customers.

Customer empathy - empathy is required to be built into processes and policies.  If some tragic customer event has occurred, flexibility is required.

Customer feedback - providing feedback when promised should be a basic KPI for all support staff.

Knowledge sharing - if the company is at fault, then admit it and apologise, the customer will thank you and trust you more for that.

Needs anticipation - if a product is at fault, or a service is temporarily down - contact the customer and explain the issue.  If you have something better to offer, propose it.