Lighthouse consultants are renowned as 'best in class'. We have on board, some of the most experienced and respected industry people.  

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"It is about time that major corporations stopped blindly working with ‘global communications agencies’ and started listening to other, more specialised, better equipped, and often far superior, local options”

Ana Maria Gardiner


Bachelor of Political Science and a Masters International Relations (EU) - Devoted, relentless, efficient, strategic, analytical, focused and strong minded is the way that clients that know her well, usually describe her.  

Ana brings over 16 years high level 360 communications experience, both as a renowned investigative journalist and as communications director working with some of the most valuable global brands.  She is well versed in understanding all sides of any story, as a communicator, she understands the power of words, in all that we do and say, supported by the actions to demonstrate that belief.


"When put in front of a client, I am honest at all costs. There are no short-cuts in PR which survive time, no red herrings, just like in business".

Cosmina Croitoru


With a solid expertise in finance, energy, pharma & medical, automotive and professional services, including as spokesperson for Posta Romana, Cosmina brings 18 years experience in journalism and communication, successfully developing and implementing strategic communication and reputation crisis plans.

She retains a thirst for identifying the correct mix between clients’ expectations and the audiences’ need for relevant information.  Highly proficient in situational awareness, media and client relations, she is industry renowned for her honesty and integrity, believing there are no short-cuts.


"Communication is the defining component in the art of persuasion".

Steve Gardiner


Steve brings a BA, MBA and a string of advanced marketing and business management certifications to the table, he is highly acclaimed and really needs no introduction.  Starting his career at Accenture, one the worlds largest management consultancies, he transitioned to the client side for 20 years gaining vast experience at Chief Marketing Officer level and now operates as CEO and Board advisory.  

He has a focus on ensuring all parts of the client operation are seamlessly entwined and sharpened enough to deliver upon the communications ambition.  Can lead change by providing the vision and focus to drive innovation and deliver positive measurable impact in productivity, performance, revenues and business growth.

He is also a member of the CMO Council and the SME Development Board, providing practical guidance to assist businesses in achieving their goals.

The Lighthouse team are all at your disposal and happy to meet up and discuss strategies and tactics, means and methods on how we can use persuasive communication to help drive your business forward.