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Boldly going where not many have gone before

Creating and distributing regular, valuable, relevant and timely content designed to stimulate interest, attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, with an objective of driving profitable customer interaction, is often hard work.

The essence of Content Management is that Instead of pitching your product or services, you switch to delivering information that makes your potential customer smarter, savvy and more intelligent than before. The strategic belief is that if we as a business deliver consistent, ongoing, valuable information to potential buyers, they will ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty, when they chose to buy.

Before we get started, we need to clarify that there is no template for Content Marketing strategy as each is unique to every single operation. It is also important to note that you cannot build a business case ROI on CM either, as its comparable to trying to pin a ROI case on your Computer.

It does however, add excellent value to your brand. It can help create the perception that you are the leading authoritative spokesperson in that specialist field or subject matter, of which can quickly escalate to a position of Trust from any potential customer. And you cannot put a ROI price on that.

Creating and Managing Content

As we have a team of high-calibre ex-journalists, creating newsworthy content is something that we can do quite easily, dependent upon individual circumstances at the client end.

We propose a draft content marketing plan from the extensive portfolio of tactics available and help advise for budget proposals.  

Depending on the specifics, in some instances a virtual tsunami of information is required in a short window of time and in others, a build up to something tidal.  However, in general, a constant and consistent, regulated wave lapping of relevant, complementary and contextual information is preferred. 

These are our focus areas, from a high level perspective, the key to success is in the content creation, execution and management.  

  • Content creation and publishing - information videos, newsletters, podcast, webinars

  • Content management - distributing newsworthy information of interest

  • Platform management - managing specific distribution aggregation platforms,

  • Social media management - reconstructing posts, blogs and customer communications

  • Service management - managing and assessing customer issues, concerns and questions

We know what works and more importantly what doesn't. Tactical digital communications are integrated into our standard communication proposals, tailored to the specific client.  

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