In every customer base lies unexplored revenues waiting to be harvested.


Communication plays an extremely active role in all forms of customer contact. 


Front end communications across the current customer base covers standard tactics using numerous digital applications and marketing automation tools.   One should always consider the importance of back office communications to ensure consistency in style, image and quality through the line, this would include installation, technical, service and support, whether in house or outsourced.

Customer Value Management

Customer Base Management teams in conjunction with the product owners, can calculate and configure the best Customer Value Management propositions for each customer segment, customer profile and each specific customer if required, adding immense commercial value within their respective remit.

In house data analytics driven by the results from customer usage, profile, cluster and location, provide evidence upon which to base the proposition decision.  However, external data from a variety of resources is always need to correlate, ratify and improve upon the process, whichever metric is being used.

Marketing communication can add value to the proposition engagement and help ensure the lead generation part achieves its stated commercial goals, but it must always maintain a high level of consistency.

The most important metric is to understand your cut of the customer budget for your product/service type, known as the 'share of wallet'.  This will ultimately define the optimum focus areas for increasing revenues.

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