Lighthouse digital communication teams are creating waves.


Creating a digital communications strategy is no different from traditional, the same basic rules apply.

Successful companies have a deep understanding of customers' needs and preferences. They are able to satisfy customers' expectations for continuous improvement and innovation, meaningful and contextualised experiences, simplicity and speed. They are able to go beyond their own products, develop new services and get the most out of the digital economy.

Digital is simply one of a number of communication channels, firstly, we need to understand your current situation, gain insight into your target audience and plan how best to reach them, then set realistic goals of what can be achieved with the available budget. 

Digital Communication

If required, we could propose a digital communication plan from the extensive portfolio of tactics available and help advise for budget proposals.  

Depending on the circumstances, in some instances a virtual tsunami of information is required in a short window of time and in others, a build up to something tidal.  However, in general, a constant and consistent, regulated wave lapping of relevant, complementary and contextual information is preferred. 

These are our focus areas, from a high level perspective, the key to success is in the content creation, execution and management.  

  • Content creation and publishing - information videos, newsletters

  • Content management - generating newsworthy information of interest

  • Social platform management - managing specific platforms, including podcasts, forums and webinars

  • Social media management - managing all your posts, blogs and customer communications

  • Service management - managing and assessing customer issues, concerns and questions

We know what works and more importantly what doesn't. Tactical digital communications are integrated into our standard communication proposals, tailored to the specific client.  

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