Meeting Expectations

It is quite natural for every business to have a level of expectation from any supplier, and their communications partner in particular.  When embarking on any journey for the first time, those initial steps into the ocean of communication can be fraught with possible misfortune at every turn.

We know where the communications ocean is, we know it's depths, it's breadth, it's treacherous currents, it's dangers and it's many hidden delights.  We have been swimming in it and navigating through it for 20+ years, it has become our home.  Allow us to welcome you into our home and help navigate you through our ocean.

exceeding expectations

Exceeding Expectations

Bucharest, Romania is our Port. Lighthouse lovingly serves and protects all our clients that traverse throughout the Romanian business landscape, shining the light, providing guidance, taking you away from the rocks towards the business objectives..

We are here to serve.

Within our framework of services, we can be trusted to meet and exceed your expectations. We have numerous client references to support that statement.

You will find us to be the utmost professionals with impeccable credentials in our field of expertise.