Lighthouse provides the foundation for communication ideas which resonate with your audience

Lighthouse are here to make a difference and deliver tangible results that produce real business value.

To the clients we work for, the people that work here and the community we are part of, we strive to deliver substance with the style that matches the values of our clients.


To evangelise communications as the key component in the art of persuasion.  To build a knowledge-driven and empathic client base, at one with their market, employees and customers. 


To provide unrivalled strategic consultancy in corporate & marketing communications to clients.  To articulate the benefits of passionate, effective and persuasive communication as we evolve into the digital age. 


Honesty and Integrity shape loyalty.  Loyalty is a consequence of Leadership.  Leadership is the touchstone of high competence.  

These are the Lighthouse values, our heart and soul, the pillars of everything we do.