If you have a personality great, if not Lighthouse can create one for you.

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Before communication begins, a detailed walk though of the organisations current and desired personality is a proven foundation.


Are you certain that your desired brand personality is one that will resonate with your target customers? It is also a valuable lesson to work backwards and investigate if you are aligned, if the persona exhibited by front line staff across all customer touch points is the right one.

In a real exercise, numerous adjectives can be screened and tested, helping to identify, create and push the desired perception that meets customer receptive. 

Your brand needs to have a personality

Once the agreed perceived personality traits have been agreed upon, these need to be re-enforced throughout the organisation. We all know that there is little point pretending to be something you are not, as sooner or later it will backfire on you. The people you employ need to be the epitome of your brand, they need to eat, sleep, walk and talk as per your brand essence and communicate this throughout their network.

The essence of the brand and 'good communication' needs to be clearly understood by all people that interface with current and potential customers. This often embraces all parts and forms including dress, behavioural, body language and the correct ‘tone of voice’ that matches the persona. 

Tactical plans and specific actions that are completely brand related, can be developed and executed to ‘communicate’ the essence of your brand to the target market. Campaigns are created to change or align the perception and positioning of your brand personality in a way that the customer can wholeheartedly embrace.

Communication is brand management workflow.