The Lighthouse public speaking programme even polishes the most accomplished speakers.

Public Speaking

Just like everything else in this world, public speaking can also be performed successfully, if learned, trained and exercised.

The techniques that we teach help build your self-confidence, which is key when speaking in public.  In just a few days you will notice a substantial difference in ability to command an audience. In most instances, we would highly recommended to regularly refresh your PUBLIC SPEAKING abilities.

Some of the techniques that we use, focus on the following:

  • What to do with my hands, my feet?

  • How fast or slow should I talk?

  • How to build my speech and convey the key messages

  • How should my presentation look?

  • Techniques to keep audience entertained and attentive

  • Simulation in front of camera

  • Knowing my audience

  • Understanding the format of the event

  • How to choose and manage the topic for the event

  • How long should I present for?

  • How should I dress?

  • Where should i look in the audience?