The best partner to have at your side in a crisis, without any doubt, is Lighthouse.


Crises are those extreme situations for which we need to thoroughly prepare for, in case they arrive.

Issues can happen almost daily and need to be managed on the spot. There is a recipe for issues management, too.  However, when a crisis occurs, first we need to understand the situation, who’s really at fault and the legal implications to define the right positioning. The Lighthouse CRISIS MANAGEMENT training and programmes are based on our own experience and expertise. As we have managed and helped contain some of the worst.

We can also discuss crisis alerts and strategic prevention.

  • Crisis communication trainings

  • Crisis simulation trainings

  • Crisis manual

  • Hands-on crisis management

  • We can develop and deliver all KPI’s

  • Competition analysis

  • Issues management book for call-center agent

  • Identify potential crisis situations

  • Define crisis scenarios and their action plans

  • Crisis cell – who and what

NOTE: 2019 has just begun. All the indicators from many reliable, trustworthy sources suggest that a major economic crisis is brewing, which can have repercussions throughout many industries. If this is correct, we strongly suggest that you consider making certain preparations. If you contact us, we would be happy to provide proposals, tailored to your needs.