The unique depth and breadth of our experience, as consultants and as an agency as a whole, sets us apart.  

Lighthouse orchestrates your communications by controlling the narrative.

We match your goals with customer needs and deliver relevant contextual communications that attracts, persuades and unites.

Our approach is both strategic and holistic.

As reputations are built by a powerful network of people around an organisation, we believe in taking a 360 approach, analysing a situation from all angles.  Thus, we engage in an in-depth research process on your company and competitors. The result is a deeper understanding of the people that matter, as well as communications and campaigns that will stand up to scrutiny and stand out.

You simply cannot fault the methodology

Our methodology is based on the proven principles adopted by the worlds Tier 1 Management Consultancies and most large corporations. We will help you audit, map and prioritise your key influencers; employees, media, customers, stakeholders and beyond.  We will give you a better understanding of where you are today, and clear recommendations designed to break down barriers, change minds and impact your bottom line.  

The result is a structured roadmap for building stronger relationships with carefully selected networks, who have the power and passion to take your brand and reputation further and persuasive communication to engage and create everlasting bonds.

Lighthouse thrives on delivering advice that is strategic in nature, thoughtful and safe, whilst being courageous enough to make a difference.