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internal communication

We all acknowledge the lack of skilled personnel in large cities and the difficulty in finding qualified, motivated people within Bucharest - what does this mean for the future?

With the brain drain and the rise of millenials, current work environments need to change to stay afloat and keep abreast of a rapidly changing business environment.

Making the change and communicating it persuasively to your own colleagues and potential employees are crucial to the current organisations survival.

Retaining your best employees and creating an organisational brand of being the ‘best place’ to come and work, is proving to be vital.

Planning for the development of an internal communications strategy is now accepted as standard for most organisations in Romania.

We can help!

  • Communication channels & tactical plan

  • Development and delivery of KPIs

  • Competitive analysis in greater detail.

  • External messaging development

  • Ongoing development plan and maintenance

  • Employer branding strategy & planning

  • Internal communications strategy & planning

  • Independent review against your top 10 competition.

  • True Situation Analysis; includes interviews with various employees

  • Internal messaging development