Factual and intelligent usage can amplify your key messages across target markets.


Social Media Marketing must be viewed and managed as an ongoing commitment, not just a campaign. The key ingredient is Strategy - without it your entire social media presence will be nonsensical.

There are many strategic objectives within the social media framework, but the main focus is to encourage participation and engagement by sharing opinions and content.

This interaction helps foster the relationship, building continuity and commitment, helping to stage manage the customer past the initial target stages, through to community, friendship and trust, culminating in a sense of belonging and family.

The tactical plan on how these very specific levels of customer engagement can be achieved will differ depending on the brand, organisational size, market and reach. But we have a range of demonstrable and proven tactics that can be easily adapted for most organisations.

For every Social media client we strongly advise to have a minimum of one dedicated agent to manage all the core activities from our end.

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