Communication is the cornerstone of customer and employee engagement.

We believe that your people are a fundamental part of your brand. Making it vital to align your internal communication/employer branding to your external corporate and marketing communications activities.

As accomplished storytellers, we use words, video, sound and pictures to create content which resonates with the audience and draws them into your sphere of influence. We create, develop and execute the kind of communication campaigns that anyone would be proud of, using smart intelligent techniques to deliver what people want to hear, when they want to hear it. The results are simply astonishing!

And if that’s not all - we provide an awesome selection of Training programmes, designed to retain and develop your talent and fast track your organisation to becoming the most sought after place to come and work!

Persuasive communication

Lighthouse is leading the way in facilitating advanced marketing, pr, communication strategies and all the associated tactical plans. In addition to devising great ideas and translating them into actions, we go to great lengths to combine this with the latest applications and automation technologies to help ensure that real-time ‘best practice’ can be delivered and implemented.

The Lighthouse PR, marketing and training communication packages will also help you to improve upon how you ‘engage with an audience’ and become a more polished, persuasive communicator. We do this by working out how to harness all the key attributes of your proposition and package it in a way that profoundly resonates with your target audience, then we coach you on how best to articulate it in a persuasive manner.

Everyone at Lighthouse believes that for each client, it is a pre-requisite that a clear understanding about themselves, their people, their competitors, customers and their market is acquired before any strategic communications campaign can be designed. This intelligence becomes the founding framework for the creation of empathic communication strategies and solutions designed to ensure that you achieve your business objective.

Lighthouse Marketing

Like all things, it starts with building the foundation, this means gathering intelligence about the market, trends, competitors, gaps, opportunities and threats. The following Links should ably demonstrate.

The team at Lighthouse pride themselves on our professional approach. Utilising pr, marketing and training solutions developed from the communications mind-set that the most successful global organisations and leaders adopt, (we know, we have spent 20 years working for them) you can be assured that the desired results will be achieved.

Lighthouse believes that reputations are built upon trust and communication that successfully combine your values and business goals with the needs, wants and expectations of the people you want to persuade.  And our approach works, as per the Links below.

We blend ice-cold business logic and white-hot creativity to create inspirational PR and marketing campaigns with a sharp commercial edge.

As accomplished storytellers, we use words, video, sound and pictures to create shareable content which spreads like wild fire on social platforms and secures headlines that get talked about in the print, broadcast and online media.

The ‘Rubiks Cube’ image below provides an overview of 9 different colour coded service types for Marketing, Marketing Communication and Corporate Communication. You may configure the cube to select the specific services that fit your needs and requirements.

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