Lighthouse has so much expertise in this area, we are often the subject of much attention.

The race to the customer

Marketing is defined by The Chartered Institute of Marketing in London as thus; " It is the management process for the identification of customer reaction for profitability". 

Lighthouse can help guide you through the stepping stone process of delivering against that statement.  

Marketing Planning Process

The Lighthouse family can cover in depth market analysis, help construct the internal architecture and platforms of delivery, product service pricing and the end communication proposition, through to the engagement and conversion of all prospects. We organise, plan and focus upon delivering against the strategic objectives.

Marketing Communication Strategy

To achieve this, we start with the creation of a strategic marketing blueprint, designed to meet stakeholder requirements, identify the core customer targets, their needs and values, communicate with them via a resonating core brand proposition, and manage, monitor and measure the entire tactical operation to maximise ROI.

Business Intelligence & Customer Segmentation

One pitch, one proposition is never suitable for all. A market mapping exercise will highlight market and customers individual needs, preferences, resources, behaviours, all are socially and demographically mapped out into a segmentation pyramid based on needs, value or revenue potential metrics.

Tactical plans that deliver

The communications matrix and tactical plan is formulated based on segmentation architecture across each audience, cluster, group and profile. Tactical plans for acquisition of new customers, up sell, cross sell, migration or customer retention plans and models will all be enhanced by proactive usage of the segmentation pyramid as the foundation.

Based on segmentation criteria, groups, clusters and individuals can receive targeted contextual and personalised communications aligned to their specific criteria.

Personalised communication that resonates with the audience

Each insightful, contextual and layered communications piece is therefore designed to be highly relevant to the the target group, providing not only what they want to hear, but when they are best to hear it.  This contributes to a superior, positive impact across brand values, improves customer experience and achieves a far greater response than a singular, 'one size fits all' message, which is often used to 'spam' a large target audience of different types of people and businesses.

Digital communication optimisation

Each communications idiom would be meshed with keywords that augment, support and enrich your brand values, whilst being suitably enticing to engender a highly positive reaction, adding immense brand value and improving the lead generation pipeline process.  Execution of the brand keywords is a necessity to ensure consistency in style, image and quality across all forms of communication, thus ensuring integrated communications remain aligned to the brand and business values.

This form of 'Marketing Communication' has a requisite to be receptive enough to deliver against the entire strategy and tactical plan.  The 'offer' should be designed with the customer in mind, based on our understanding of their individual and group receptiveness. This is something we are well versed in.

Effective, efficient and highly productive

But our services do not stop there.  We can work with you to help formulate the execution of this and many other business processes and functions, to help develop your business into a smarter more efficient operation.  These services are available as modules or as a mix of requirements as deemed necessary.

The following pages in the Marketing section touch on more of our service offerings, however if you specifically require more detailed information, or would like a tailored proposal together with costings, please click..