If you truly want to compete, then become more productive, efficient and effective.


This training is designed to help you become better, faster and a lot more productive at what you do, at work and at home.  

We start with an initial assessment to clarify the amount of training and coaching requirements and gain an understanding of what you really want to achieve.  Then, we teach you how to get it.

This is a 2 day long PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY training course that will boost the efficiency rate in your team and will make rapid inroads turning the low performers into the best.   

A lot will be dependent upon the willing and able matrix and the identification of HiPo’s within the group.

  • Planning & Prioritisation 

  • Delegation

  • Accelerated learning

  • Stress management

  • Myths & misconceptions

  • Exercise

  • Efficient or Effective?

  • Self knowledge -> Self confidence -> Success

  • Optimisation -> Productivity

  • Work flow: work in, work through, work out

  • Time management

  • Capture & share knowledge