References from Romania, Dubai and UK.

Ana-Maria is a very talented and witted communications professional and it has been a delightful working with her on numerous corporate communications and PR strategies.  She’s an innate communication strategist, who thinks outside the box, plans on the long term and come up with regular creative initiatives.  She has a wealth of expertise in PR & Communications in various industries and her advice on handling communication crises has been very helpful.  She has excellent leadership skills, motivating her team by example and providing inspiration through her passion for perpetual development
— Elena Birjovanu Head of Corporate Communications Franklin Templeton Romania
Although our business looks easy on the outside, a deeper dive paints a different reality.  Ana Maria managed to quickly understand the depth of impact that electronic payments have and to translate it into the safe, seamless and innovative gesture that consumers are expecting.  Devoted, relentless and efficient, she is quick to understand and strong in delivery
— Cosmin Vladimirescu GM Mastercard Romania
Ana is not only a top-notch professional, but also a wonderful human being.  Responsible, accurate, thoughtful and attentive in everything she does.  Ana is truly a joy to collaborate with, I wholeheartedly recommend her for any project requiring thorough and effective communication
— Mihaela Biciu CEO Tradeville Romania
I trust a communications project handled by Ana is prone to success, as she is totally dedicated to delivering the best tactical solution for any given situation.  A top 360 communications professional and a pleasure to work with
— Ana-Maria Pericleanu Communications Chief Black Sea Oil & Gas Romania
I was Investment Editor at Gulf News in Dubai.  She was handling quite a few clients including JP Morgan.  She demonstrated the qualities of a top-notch professional, knowledgeable of the sector, always providing a clear pitch note and taking feedback in the right spirit
— Gaurav Ghose Group Director Apco Worldwide
I have had the honor of working with Ana Maria and can only say excellent things about her ability, her capabilities, her experience and her strategic approach. In my view what Ana Maria doesn’t know about integrated marketing isn’t worth knowing. I have often approached Ana Maria to come back and work at our Agency and lead it and she has - rightly - decided to pursue her own destiny and in that journey I can only wish her every success and have every confidence that success will be her companion throughout her journey
— Louay Al Samarrai Managing Partner Active Dubai
As sharp as a tack, Steve has the ability to quickly identify the root cause of issues, map out a clear action plan and mobilise a team to deliver quickly and efficiently against the key metrics. He has the ability to think five steps ahead and a leadership style to support him in reaching his goals.  A visionary, analytical leader who delivers, Steve can add value to whatever he lends his hand to
— Phil McKinnon Vice President Retail Etisalat UAE
Steve is one of the best leaders that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and the most well-read marketing professional I know. Steve can cut through the clutter and get right to the core of an issue, he gives everyone hope of what can be accomplished with focus, strategic planning and action. If you ever have the opportunity to bring Steve into your organization be ready for amazing results
— Marc Cremer Team Leader IBM Romania
Steve is a very experienced results-oriented Marketing Director.  He has that ability of breaking the problems down to peices while at the same time not losing the overall view.  Steve can easily motivate and empower people, manage everyone’s expectations and obtain the required result in a way that looks like this was the only natural way of doing things
— Mihai Rada Director KPMG Romania
He possesses an intuitive ability to quickly grasp commercial realities, the creative ability to deliver operational excellence and the charisma to get buy in from everyone involved. I would highly recommend him
— Steve Evans CEO Virgin
His understanding of micro and macro customer segmentation, profiling, clustering and ‘share of wallet’ techniques, enabled us to drive commercial sales, improve customer satisfaction and produce superior quarter on quarter results
— George Makowski CCO Telekom Romania
With his wide international expertise and with his straightforward attitude, Steve can easily solve the complex business puzzle and can transform the marketing concepts into real-life revenue generation streams. As a leader Steve engages, empowers and motivates the teams and keep them connected with a honest and direct approach
— Cristian Giuhat Marketing Director ~Vodafone Romania
With an intuitive and sharp mind, Steve is always keen on identifying the things that really make the business work and pushes those little, not always evident buttons that fine tune processes, improve and simplify work, enhance customer experience and boost sales
— Radu Toncu Corporate Marketing Manager Orange Romania