Providing world class services across pr, corporate, marketing communications and training

Lighthouse people are understandably fluent with traditional best practice process, the latest trends and current new wave digital automation models of integrated communication platforms.

Our teams have worked across pr, corporate, marketing communications and training, for corporations across Romania, CEE, SEE and the Middle East for over 20 years at senior management level. We have also worked for the Top 3 global PR communications organisations.

We are intensely curious about the things we do, the clients we have, and the world at large, as we are driven by the need for constant improvement and development. By staying well ahead of the trends, we can write and execute the blueprint for the success of our clients communication programmes, for today, tomorrow and well into the future. 

Proven reputation

As professionals, we have a proven reputation for delivering upon our proposals.  The process of building strong working relationships with our partner clients and our colleagues is strengthened by our loyalty, commitment and unwavering focus on the delivery of the results that we entrust to our clients. To achieve this, our work is certainly never the standard 9-5 and is driven by the unrelenting demands of the market forces that often dictate the tight deadlines and urgency of our response.

Lighthouse does so while being proactively positive, thoughtful and motivated, and ensuring our communication is grounded on three things: style, substance and storytelling.